The juicy team

But who the heck are they?

We are four friends making games under the name of Juicy Beast. We founded the studio back in 2009 and we released over 10 games since then. We're located near Montreal (Canada), and we work in a classy office at the top of a skyscraper. Okay, that was a lie. We actually work from an old tiny storage room in a basement.

We love crafting funny, polished and weird games that we would enjoy playing ourselves. We've been lucky so far to see so many people enjoy our games as well. We love what we do!

• • •


JP is the visual artist of Juicy Beast. He's responsible for all the illustration and animation work in every game that Juicy Beast has released so far. Super versatile, he can literally draw anything that comes out of our funny minds, no matter what it is. Addicted to chocolate and mango juice, JP brings the joy to the office. He spends around 95% of his break time on sport news and underground music websites. He owns an iPad 2 and knows more about hockey than you do.


Alex is Juicy Beast’s lead programmer. Some believe that the word "Beast" in "Juicy Beast" comes from his brutal talent. Just like JP, Alex can give birth to any game mechanic the Beast can imagine. Addicted to iced tea and electronic music, Alex never stops entertaining his co-workers with new stunts and chaotic failures. He has the power to make things shine by touching them long enough and plays Flash Flash Revolution faster than his own shadow.


Dom is Juicy Beast's official level designer and balance master. Every levels created so far are the results of his technical creativity. He can also keep huge amount of data in perfect balance in order to create smooth progression curves. Addicted to tea and putting stuff in food containers, Dom can beat any high score in any game in a matter of minutes. He's taller than the 3 others combined, and has been mayor of his hometown for a day.


Yowan is the boring general manager and psychopath UI designer. Coming from a graphic design background, he also plays the role of artistic director. He is an “idea” machine but counts on his kickass colleagues to bring his dreams to life with their enormous talent. Addicted to coffee and hardcore music, Yowan suffers from color blindness and a ten second short term memory. Receiving stress balls and Nerf arrows in the face makes him laugh a lot.

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