Juicy Beast is a small indie studio specialized in developing accessible and slightly weird video games. Even more so, we are 4 friends making games for fun’s sake.
We founded the studio back in 2009 with borrowed money from our families and absolutely no work experience. Since then, we released over 10 games on virtually all platforms known to man. We’re located in Montreal, at the foot of the actual Mount Royal.
We love crafting funny, polished and weird games that we would enjoy playing ourselves. We’ve been lucky so far to see so many people enjoy our games as well. We love what we do!
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Yowan Langlais

Co-founder, Art Director, UI Designer

Yowan is Juicy Beast’s colorblind Art Director and nitpicky UI Designer. He’s also in charge of everything branding and marketing, giving him the right to redesign the Juicy Beast logo every year. He has a sharp eye for pretty stuff but can’t draw to save his life. Collecting toys, doing graphic design, burying his face in his two cats and cooking for the wonderful @mayhow makes him happy. Yowan is an ex coffee addict and he thinks taking japanese class makes him look cool. ばつ!

Dominique Lemire-Nault

Co-founder, Tech Director

Dom is Juicy Beast’s geeky Tech Director and balance wizard. He’s also the architect behind all of our games’ levels and environments. He has the ability to focus like a lvl.99 monk, which allows him to multitask for hours while having a conversation with you. He has the charm to turn any stranger into a friend, and he’s been mayor of his hometown for a day. He can talk for hours about nothing, and he also can (and will) beat any high score in any game in a matter of minutes. It’s infuriating.

Alexandre Dazé-Hill

Lead Programmer

Alex is Juicy Beast’s ultra-talented Lead Programmer. He’s the codemancer responsible for turning all our stupid ideas into playable games. He fell in a big cauldron of pure intelligence when he was little, now allowing him to craft super optimized frameworks and smooth and intuitive controls. The legend tells that he once ported a game to 3 consoles at once by himself, and survived. He also likes collecting video games, reading the dictionary and drinking maple syrup.

Jean-Philippe Côté

Lead Illustrator & Animator

JP is Juicy Beast’s charming Lead Illustrator and Animator. He’s the artist behind our complete game catalogue. He started out in traditional frame by frame animation 10 years ago, basically making him an old sage watching over us. He’s a living hockey encyclopedia and is addicted to salmon and chocolate (separately). With a heart the size of a mountain, he likes snowboarding and collecting dusty vinyl records. He also has the power to make you laugh on demand with his own laughter.