We’ve recently been interviewed by our pal John Cooney (not the rugby player, but the awesome developer) from Kongregate. We discussed things that you probably don’t know about us and our games. Here’s what you missed:

  1. How Juicy Beast came to be, 5 years ago
  2. The story behind our very first game, Gobtron
  3. The story behind our very first game-jam game, Feed the King
  4. What Burrito Bison was supposed to be at first, and how it changed
  5. The failed project that led to Knightmare Tower

Also, if you missed the live chat session and you have questions for us, feel free to comment below!

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  • Lalu says:


  • burrito bison says:


  • poptoo says:

    you guys are the best people i know. because you inspire me to make games of my own. i really hope you guys be came like valve or angry birds. keep the good work bros.

    from poptoo

  • jerrdeebear says:


  • Lightning says:

    love your work , was wondering if being an indie developer brings in big profits , i don’t want to google it because i want to hear it from you guys (people who actually are indie devs), im studying business administration , but also taking classes in programming , i’ve always wanted to make games but i want to know if i can take it as a job instead of a hobby

  • Arthur Debski says:

    Just wanted to say that I love your games and have been a fan since the wonderful Dale & Peakot. Everything comes together so well in your games, especially the great art styles. Oh, and the feel of the controls, which makes you want to come back to the game. I can’t wait to play Toto Temple Deluxe on my Wii U!
    Although I would dearly like to see another cool single-player adventure game as well…Hint-hint 😉

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