In May 2013, we attended a game jam and made a local-multiplayer game called Toto Temple. About a year later, we released a first version called Toto Temple Deluxe on Ouya. We’ve been improving the game since then and we recently released the final version of Toto Temple Deluxe on PS4, Xbox One, WiiU and Steam!

Throughout the development process, we published multiple articles demonstrating how we designed Toto Temple Deluxe into the game that it is now. This is the official, centralized list of all the “making of” articles. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two in these, or maybe even better, share your knowledge and teach us something new!

Releasing an Indie Game on 3 Consoles at Once and Failing Financially

A transparent analysis of the game’s unsuccessful launch.

The Art of Bubble Babble

The full, unfiltered creation process of the Bubble Babble temple.

The Art of Giga Geysers

The full, unfiltered creation process of the Giga Geysers temple.

Giving away $17,000 worth of Toto Temple Deluxe at PAX East

A run-through of our marketing experiment at PAX East 2015.

Designing a “playable” UI that secretly teaches how to play

The design process behind the playable menu that teaches you how to play.

Baby steps to an Artificial Intelligence

An introduction to the basics of artificial intelligence.

The secret to designing the perfect level?

A thorough analysis of the design process behind each temple.

Platforming (Part 1)

A close look at the subtle details that make moving around feel good.

Platforming (Part 2)

Jumping is a core element of Toto Temple Deluxe. Here’s how we made it feel right.

Collisions for Platforming

Detailed explanations of how we handled 2D collisions in Unity.

The Unique Experience

A list of the small design decisions that greatly affects gameplay.

Evolution Through Iteration

A demonstration of the multiple gameplay changes throughout the iterations.

Sacrificing fun to remove the no-fun

Details on how we had to remove fun features to achieve a better experience.

Odyssey of a Bubble

The story of how we made our very own design rule book for Toto Temple Deluxe.

Powers Up!

The design thinking behind each power-up in the game.

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