Knightmare Tower coming to iOS August 1st 2013!

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Finally, we’re done! Knightmare Tower is coming to iOS on August 1st 2013 and we just can’t wait to get it out there!

Knightmare Tower is our very first, self-made and self-published mobile game, and we’re super happy with the results. We spent a lot of time polishing every details and making sure the controls were spot on. We wanted to avoid using a virtual joystick, so we invested a lot of time on good tilt controls (as you can see below).

If you haven’t noticed yet, this version of the game is completely revamped and is way better than the old Flash version!

  • We added a new intro movie and a special ending movie
  • We refreshed the art
  • We added a new combo system that gives you speed boosts
  • We added small UI details like quests reminders and a progression/distance meter on the side
  • We refreshed the final boss’ attack patterns
  • We increased the speed up / slow down effects to they’re more obvious
  • We adjusted the whole UI so it fits well on mobile devices
  • We implemented a mobile friendly controls set (no virtual buttons)

To end this up, here’s a couple screenshots!

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Woah, 14 comments!

  • lolnope Reply

    You guys really are dead. You have even stopped reviewing comments.

  • Hudj Reply

    So are you guys dead or something?

  • Dan Reply

    Please, sent this game on Windows phone 8 !!!!!!!!!

  • Morgan Reply

    So-o-o-o… did you guys die or something?

  • Morten Reply

    Hey hey :)
    It looks very nice, but will it come to andorid? :)

  • Mr. Chapman Reply

    Lots of crashes for me, playing this game on an iPhone 4S. It was great to start with, but in the last day, the game has developed a habit of crashing immediately after loading the results screen after the knight dies. I have tried shutting down and restarting the phone, but no luck.

    My progress is that I have 2 or 3 princesses left to locate.

    Hope there is a solution as I really enjoy the game.

  • Kels Teo Reply

    Hi we recorded game play video for your game Knightmare Tower – iPhone & iPad Gameplay Video Check out ( )

  • omar Reply

    I am freaking addicted to this game! Good job guys! Keep the beast juicy!

  • Edd Reply

    Any chance of this great game coming to Gamestick? :)

  • Ali Reply

    Is there any way that you can make Knightmare Tower to iPod 4th gen? It’s really worrying me that so many games are starting to drop support for it. You could do memory optimizations just like other devs do. Please in any way make it to the iPod 4g.

  • Koen Plesman Reply

    Hij is niet meer in de app store!

  • Tyrone Reply

    The game looks incredible! Nice work!

  • Yamane Reply

    you guys should work with Nitrome as well and come up with a brilliant game, i’m pretty sure it would be awesome.

  • Vlad Reply

    Looks awesome as always guys. I’m sure that game will be great and fun but i’m afraid that self-publishing is bad idea. Hope I will be wrong and wish you best luck.

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