Burrito Bison coming soon to the App Store!

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Finally! We’re super excited to announce that Juicy Beast and Ravenous Games are joining their forces to bring Burrito Bison to the App Store!

The release date is not yet fixed, but be sure that we’ll announce it as soon as it will. In the meantime, you can sign up for the newsletter so we can notify you when the game comes out!

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Woah, 32 comments!

  • AleX Reply

    Please, make an android version!

  • zain Reply

    hey try to put extra stuff in it

  • Chaz Reply

    Android support you biased jerks!!!

  • Skyler Hill Reply

    Im looking forward to the improvements of it being on my iOS devices, this will be awesome!!!

    P.S. To android loving commentators
    Will you please stop begging for android, android ca handle flash so just go online on your mobile device and play the flash version.

    Moving to iOS requires a restart on the programs mechanics: moving from flash to objective c. This is going to make the game so awesome. I wish they could make a tutorial package for purchase via online so Xcode developers could purchase it. (cough) hint***
    search iPhone game starter kit

    • Skyler Hill Reply

      sorry for the spelling errors, google iPhone game starter kit though because its a good way these developers make money, 60$ packages.

      I wish there was a edit comment function, so i could fix my spell errors

  • Greg Reply

    what happened with the app..!?
    it has been more than 3 months and not a release date..
    please.. finish my anxiety and at least give us the release date..

    • Yowan Reply

      Still working on it ;]

      • Ties Reply

        You’re not showing any signs of progress , even though Ravenous Games is ”working” on it , they are too not showing any signs of progress.

        • Ties Reply


          After reading Ravenous Games’ Tweet , ”Burrito Bison for iOS is getting very close to be completed! Make sure to sign up for release!”

          ..Never mind.

  • Blagginspaziyonokip Reply

    Damn, why does iOS always get the great games? Android sits in the corner, having crappy ad-laden games with devs who can’t even speak english right. When will devs get that Android is more flexible and better than iOS overall? The only reason to like iOS is exclusive releases like this,

  • Efren Reply


  • Paulo Reply

    Really? 2 months and still no word on when this game will be available on the iOS? I believe that you guys should make an annoucement when the game is very close to done, otherwise it causes people to ‘lose faith’ on the release of it.. I can honestly say that I was VERY excited to play.. I guess I played it too long on the browser and now I have no more interest on playing it on the iPad…

    …its taking way to long.

    Thanks anyway!

  • fudj Reply

    Finish it already!

  • Chrollo Reply

    oh man burrito bison on app store?

  • Micheal Reply

    Lets hope that because this is taking ages to be released that you guys are working to get Bison Revenge out as well beucase other than that, I’m kind of starting to lose hope on this game for the iOs.
    I’m also starting to think that the word SOON is extremelly overated! LOL

  • starblinky Reply

    Will this have anything exclusive to the iPad version? If so I’ll definitely buy it!

  • Ties Reply

    Will it be free?

  • pleasemakeitcomesoon Reply

    whens this coming??!!!

  • Micheal Reply

    ……… I come here every other day hoping this app is already in the App store ZzZzZzzZ lol I’m losing hope and decided to stop stalking this site.

  • Aidan Reply

    I don’t want to be mean but you spelled excited wrong :) Looks awesome!

    • Yowan Reply

      Thanks for pointing it out :]

  • Ties Reply

    Good games always come for Iphone , but why not for Android?

  • Mekki Reply

    Please for android too

  • Enragon Reply

    dem androidz usaz wantz thatz

  • PAULO Reply

    What about BB Revenge? No? =\

    • Aiden Reply

      ipods cant do flash, so there obviosly going to remake it for ipod. witch means thee gonna make it better. sorry for bad grammer, im using on screen keyboard, cause i got juice on meh computer :/

  • walid from holland Reply

    why always apple? please dor android too

  • flashfan Reply

    Finally! Is it free? Oh, and Feed The King would also be perfect for iOS!

  • BRR Reply

    android pls :D :D :D: D:D:


  • alex Reply

    android pretty please!

  • Michail from Russia Reply

    It is remarkable)

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