Knightmare Tower – Gameplay footage (beta)

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It was about time, right? We know, we know… So here’s the the very first Knightmare Tower gameplay footage! Take note that this is still in beta, and that there’s still a lot of missing/unfinished elements.

Feel free to leave some comments below to let us know what you think!

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Woah, 49 comments!

  • Cosmoscake Reply

    The music always get me in every game of yours,fantastic!

  • frank Reply

    I like and I have wanted to play it soon and would like to hope that more weapons and costumes Ubiera or special power end

  • felipe Reply

    when he was just a part of the tower he had to kill a giant monster in order to save the princess

  • felipe Reply

    when the character fell out he had to do a combo to get the rocket to fall and if he can not fall into the lava and dies.

  • little kid Reply

    kinda confused cause whenever you fall the rocket just takes you back up so you cant really die

    • Noeabe Reply

      Yea, I don’t get it either. It kind of ruins the whole concept

  • Noeabe Reply

    Can the producers give a guess of when the game will be released.

  • Fruit Ninja Fan Reply

    Hi guys, this game seems to be amazing!!!!!! even more than fruit ninja (is it possible??!!!!). I hope you work hard on it and don’t waste your time speaking about the “fille qui fume”.

  • Everest Reply

    Let this game will be the best

  • esteban Reply

    cambien la espada de madera por una de metal para que sea mas realista

  • esteban Reply

    cambien la espada de madera del principio por una de metal para que asi sea mas realista

  • esteban Reply

    change the start by a sword of metal so it will be more realistic

    • Noeabe Reply

      It is great the way the way it is,
      we don’t want the game to any longer than it already is.

  • RoCok0 Reply

    debes saber que las mejores juegos o películas tardan en salir así que no te presione el publico

  • luan Reply

    qual é o nome do programa utilizado por vocês.

  • luan Reply

    eu gostei muito do jogo e eu gostaria de dar uma sugestão. Que tal colocar algumas habilidades especiais desbloqueadas ao passar do tempo (encantos magias espadas especiais… em um clique de um botão qualquer)e também personagens diferente (escolhidos no começo do jogo ou desbloqueando para comprar no meio do jogo,por um valor bem alto ex:2000,00,)aqui vai alguns personagens: bárbaros,arqueiros(a),feiticeiros(a),reis, príncipes, etc… (cada personagem com habilidades diferentes).Obrigado pela atenção esperando o lançamento.

  • bate papo Reply

    I cannot find the feeling of speed like i found it in Burrito Bison, we don’t know if we go up or down by the flow behind the knight

  • Brian Reply

    Please remember to make it availiable on Kongregate. It seem’s to be amazing. I can’t wait for that!

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  • Andrija Matic Reply

    I can not wait for more to come out when the game?

    • Noeabe Reply

      You should rephrase this, it doesn’t make any sense.

  • Michail from Russia Reply

    Game very abrupt!) Interestingly that from this leaves, about shortcomings (perhaps there are bonus levels, no bosses, there are more than monsters, and can be other currency (for example crystals, diamonds with gold), and then this game was simply ingenious) Respect to authors of game)))

  • Jbackle Reply

    Looks fun! I like that the princesses give you power-ups to break the monotony of the upgrade shop. Hopefully more strategically encountered monsters appear as the game goes on? (boss battles, weak spots, erratic movement, etc.)

  • Сергей Reply

    should add combo

    • Noeabe Reply

      yea that would be cool.
      for example if our final combo was 35, then we get 35 gold

  • mautio2 Reply

    should add more monsters to make it more difficult, since a more difficult game is more fun, try to make it as long lasting as possible as a short game looks great boring

  • Michail from Russia Reply

    Hear bigger guys to throw off the outline, and it is very interesting)

  • jerde Reply

    it looks great but the gameplay itself looks pretty simple but that doesn`t matter can you please send me a mail when the is released

  • SERGIU Reply


  • XPRA Reply

    The game fairly implicates most of it’s ideas from burrito bison and fans of burrito bison will notice the similarity in concept despite the difference in characters.

  • Cosmoscake Reply

    The most important question ever: IS IT FREE?

  • Marcelo D'Frogg Reply

    The game looks cool, but maybe if the hero fallen down inside the tower to save the princess! a another idea !!!

    • Noeabe Reply

      i agree, since the lava does not affect the knight, make him jump off the top of a tower.
      for example: If the knight does not kill any enemies to soften his fall he could fall and die.

  • Santtu Reply

    I think you should work more on the appearance of the grey boxes that have text because they don’t fit in the cool design and the overall colors of the game. Another thing that looks weird is the lava or whatever it is that is rising. And the movement that has to do with the rocket looks strange too. Maybe the monsters could move a little more as well? It started to look boring just slicing them like in some Fruit Ninja Frenzy or something since they were just there waiting to be sliced. But it looked okay and these are mainly just minor things on the surface that don’t have a huge impact on anything.

  • starblinky Reply

    Guys.. I really hate to say this.. but that gameplay actually looked really…

    AWESOME!! :D Can’t wait to play it!

  • GameDev Reply

    You guys should make something with a sequel, like the fixation game, everything you make always has the looks and gameplay but it’s more addictive than a good game, I agree that you took some creative turns for endless smash em up games like burrito bison and tower defense games. Though this new release didn’t really stand out.

    In the meantime keep on juicing.

  • Prof Reply

    Looks like an awesome game, easy to port to other platforms and with tons of room for add-ons and power-ups.
    It’s like a mix between Burrito Bison and Fruit Ninja… well done!

  • Aurel Reply

    The game looks cool, but I’m afraid of a Burrito Bison routine, with the Check Point Doors.
    Still, Burrito was awesome!

  • Enragon Reply

    that looks kinda fun…ish i guess :)

  • vilpy Reply

    Sorry but it seems to be a little boring… I cannot find the feeling of speed like i found it in Burrito Bison, we don’t know if we go up or down by the flow behind the knight… Any way i’ll try it, maybe i was waiting for an other kind of burrito :p

    • Yowan Reply

      Also take note that this is the very beginning of the gameplay. It gets better /faster/crazier over time ;]

      • Enragon Reply

        yeh. i think we should wait `till the game`s out and we can play it ourselves

        • Noeabe Reply

          yep, very true

  • cam Reply

    Please include a juicy beast monster! :P It looks like it would fit the style lol

  • SolidS Reply

    Sorry for my english (i’m french) I think this is a very good games is that you add more monsters like dragons, kinds of little demons, and other beasts, the idea is amazing.

  • Paul Reply

    this looks like a cool game and cant wait to play it

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