Bloom Defender on Kindle Fire and Nook!

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If you enjoyed Bloom Defender and you also happen to own a Nook or a Kindle Fire, well you can now get your hands on it and play on your tablet!

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Woah, 6 comments!

  • Will Reply

    I love bloom defenders but, I will love it 1000 times better if you can put it on android!

  • Larry Rainbow Reply

    I do happen to have a kindle fire and i just wanted to say that this game is extremely laggy and does contain other big bugs. I had to uninstall it after three levels because i simply could not play it. seriously. so not trying to be mean just my feedback and telling you so you can know.

  • walid from holland Reply

    is there a juicybeast game coming for android? i have a android tablet and i want play one of your on my tablet

  • Flashfan Reply

    Why not on iPad?

    • Yowan Reply

      Because it would require us to port the game literally (rewrite the whole code, etc) in order for it to run on iPad. This version is still using Flash’s SWF file system, which was super quick for us. It’s our very first try on this kind of device, so we’re kind of experimenting a bit.

      Be sure though that you’ll know about it if we decide to port it to iOS :]

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