Knightmare Tower announced!

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That’s it, we are officially announcing that the game is now called Knightmare Tower!

You can also have a look at some of the baddies. As you can see, you’ll be able to (actually, you’ll need to) slice them up into pieces to survive and progress.

Now don’t worry, we’ll upload some gameplay footage soon. The game still looks pretty prototype-ish but you’ll get the idea.

Comments and predictions are always welcome!

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Woah, 30 comments!

  • Knightmare Tower Wiki Reply

    Greetings from Aidanha17,Lucky Beast.
    I have decided to set up a Knightmare Tower Wiki (pretty late,I know) and I would appreciate it very much if you could provide a name to each of the baddies you have taken loving time to create.I have manage to find out the beasts’ names:King Tryoshka,King Ribble,and Critter King. If you could give me the names of the others,I will be able to inform our new generation of the wonderful things to expect in your game!

  • PAULO Reply

    Still not out yet?! I hope they are taking this long because they are working on a mobile version of it!!!!!!!! Please I want an iPad version NOW!!

  • Berzerk Reply

    i love all the games even Dale & Peakot 2

  • Berzerk Reply

    Wow i can’t wait to play this. HURRY UP AND RELEASE IT!!!

  • luis Reply

    ze dragon is cool

  • luis Reply

    Knight mare tower Mon Ami

  • james Reply

    When is this game gonna start?

    • james Reply

      release it now i can’t wait aaahhh!

  • darwin Reply

    when is this game gonna start tomorrow April july thursday saturday 2013 or my birthday?

  • ralph Reply

    wow a floating green sea urchin and zombie dragon it looks fat

  • james Reply

    i’m so excited theres a little funny yellow guy and a purple weird looking bison

  • Jayson Reply

    The baddies of this game look good.

  • Louissi Reply

    J’adore le design! Les enemies ont un style marqué, c’est vraiment nice!

  • Cosmoscake Reply

    I want to become a game developer…really!I think its a real fun!

  • LaRue Reply

    AWSOME!!!!!! ( I hope you could customize your character.)

  • Igri Reply

    Another great game seems on the way! Slicing monsters sounds good :D

  • Kulta Reply

    Man, I really hope it’s in the “same” style of Dale & Peakot. Can’t wait to play it

  • Anon Reply

    Hurry up and release it! I can’t wait!

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  • Сергей Reply

    Just Awesome!!!!!!!

  • Oinkshi Reply

    woah a dragon zombie. I am excited to play this game. Is it a hack and slash game?

  • Erin Caroll Reply

    Yeah that’s true..If their games will be released on live arcade and psn it will good..

  • aftandil Reply

    name said me that it will be tower defense, but it woud be cool if it will be diablo like game

  • toto Reply

    I never play behemots but i looked on internet too see what was looking like this game and it just look like shit. I’m sure that developer of juicy beast could do very better with more time and more money they propose really good game, thanks to them.

  • Robert Reply

    Looks awesome. I can’t wait to see more!

  • Phil Lehoux Reply

    J’aime le personnage constipé! Le petit jaune!

  • Sebastian Reply

    I agree with Cameron.

  • cameron Reply

    I reckon you guys could quite easily become the new Behemoth if you released some of your games on live arcade and psn.

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