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If you haven’t noticed yet, the sequel to Burrito Bison, Burrito Bison Revenge, has finally been released on AdultSwim Games! Hurry up and go kick the crap out of those gummy bears!

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  • jacob Reply

    The Last Wall Is Breakable You Juss Gotta Hit The Very Bottom And you’ll Break Through

  • Tachi Reply

    The last wall IS breakable!! That is where the wallet is!

  • PhoenixRose Reply

    I was just re-playing this game, and I’m rather annoyed that it’s been a year, and the “squash a cruiser while holding a chubby gummy” quest has still not been fixed. I just squashed two cruisers with the same chubby gummy impact, and it’s still on my list of things to do. I’m going to assume that there is no interest in ever making this game work completely, which is a shame.

  • tanya Reply

    how is it imposible to break the last door if there is a quest on armor games that says it is a medium quest?

  • Alex Denomme Reply

    can i beat the bosses in survival mode

  • kordell Reply

    Um how do i get my wallet back ???

  • Deivante Reply

    okay so how am i supposed to get the last door i tried everything ive even gone at it at maximum speed nothing seems to work i just hit it and fall so what exactly am i suppose to do

  • Denar Reply

    Amazing game, I urge everyone to try playing it.

  • Toru Reply

    Is the last wall “end of the gummy land” unbreakable?

    • Yowan Reply

      Yes, you can’t go any further than that! The next step is to go as far as you can in the “Survival Mode”

  • Lillyp0p Reply

    It’s soooo nice to have this game back…. and with a ***survival mode*** !

    BTW, I wondering how the heck i am suppose to go over my current maximum speed (achivement) ? Am I suppose to invest in speedometer or am I suppose to get a boost (and I don’t know how) to get to the red area ?


    • Yowan Reply

      You “Maximum Speed” is defined by your Speedometer (lower left corner of the screen while playing).

      Notice that it has a zone where the needle can go, that’s your maximum speed. When you upgrade your Speedometer, it expands that zone so you can reach a higher speed.

      To go over your maximum speed, you must gather enough speed boosts to actually make the needle go past that zone.

      • Lillyp0p Reply

        I’ve got it ! thx

      • dsl Reply

        i have maxed out my speed upgrades aside from the flaming pants and is still haven’t beat the mission, is there a glitch?

  • ollieBoofizz (formerly flipshoeTGA) Reply

    4th or 5th try at the “Burrito Bison’s Revenge'” last stage “steel door” with no luck (just a sad ‘ole bull-headed, muscle tooner collapsing and sliding deep down). So Yowan, as you mentioned, the “steel door’s” unbreakable?.. meaning a tie-in to “Burrito Bison pt. III?

    Now, returning to my hippies vs. monsters AS3 game on FGL (meant as a 48hr Kizi-FGL sub., but finishing it nevertheless). Bon nuit, mon Canadiens (am I right or ugh?).

  • FlashMush Reply

    Loved the original Burrito Bison and loved the sequel! Wrote a review on my site praising it as well!

  • Laura Reply

    Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m not just getting the achievement, but I can’t seem to get the “Smash a cruiser with the chubby gummy” achievement even though I have hit it like three times already, trying survival and story mode.
    Is there any special way to do it or do I just need to try again?
    Thanks for the awesome game :)

    • PhoenixRose Reply

      I’m having that same problem! Glad it’s not just me. I’ve seen it happen at least three times, but it just sits there not finished. (I tried to take a screenshot of the squashing in action, but the game moves too fast.) It’s all I have left to achieve, too, kinda frustrating.

    • Kulta Reply

      I was having the same problem, but now I finally got this mission. The thing is, you need to crash the gummy before/after the cruiser to make it work. Don’t know if it’s some bug or not, but whenever I landed exactly on top of the cruiser it never counted. Good luck ;)

      • PhoenixRose Reply

        I have crashed the chubby gummy directly behind a Cruiser, as well as right on top of it, but I shall try again.

  • minotaur Reply

    this is the best game ever,
    i got my wallet and my score on survival mode is 16.276

  • minotaur Reply

    is there gonna be second episode,because when i play game it says play first episode on adult swim games.

  • Matt Reply

    Great going on the game guys. Every time I play this I end up laughing like im a madman. I don’t know how you thought of gummy bears riding rockets and such… or why a wrestler would be beating them to a gummy pulp, but you guys are very original. keep up the good work.

  • starblinky Reply

    Hey guys!
    Amazing game, seriously amazing. Played it waaay too much.
    I wish there was a stats screen I want to know how much time I put into it.

    I 100%’d everything just now. Heres proof!

    Congrats on making such an amazing game. Keep up the good work guys, you are my fav flash devs :) hehe

    • Yowan Reply

      Hey thanks Lindsay! Maxing everything is pretty awesome haha

  • XenophonJones Reply

    I don’t know if I’m asking for a spoiler or not, but is there anything after you retrieve the wallet? I’m maxxed out on the Bison’s buyable power-ups, and while I haven’t yet beaten the last ring opponent, I’m a little unsure whether I should expect to break that last wall.

    • Yowan Reply

      We’ll save you a lot of time: You can’t break the last wall ;)

      • XenophonJones Reply

        Darn. I just wasted a lot of time at work that I probably should have been doing my job… Had fun, though… ;-)

  • Nan Reply

    YAY finally got the 4th guy! So cool

  • Nan Reply

    Why can’t you play it on Adult Swim? It’s not like you have to verify age or anything like that to go to their website. Also, Adult Swim pays a lot of money for games, so good for Juicy Beast :)

    • Minecraftfan300 Reply

      Well, my dad won’t let me, when Star Wars The Clone Wars ends, it Adult Swim for the rest of the night. I have accidentally seen “Robot Chicken” when I was age 5,so I know what [AS] is like.

      • Yowan Reply

        Don’t worry pal, the game will eventually be released on Kongregate and Newgrounds ;)

        • Minecraftfan300 Reply

          YAY :D

        • Minecraftfan300 Reply

          I’m still waitin

        • Minecraftfan300 Reply


          • Minecraftfan300 Reply

            OH MY GOD, WHEN IS IT COMING TO KONGREGATE?!?!?!??!?! >:( >:( >:( >:(

        • Minecraftfan300 Reply

          Yowan, just please tell me the release date for BBR for Kongregate!!!!!!! :'(

          • Yowan Reply

            12 days left, including today!

            • Minecraftfan300 Reply

              OH YAH! :D

      • Nan Reply

        Oh okay yeah that’s fair. Adult Swim is not a very nice place. It’s a great game man you’ll love it.

  • Nan Reply

    AH THIS GAME IS AMAZING. Thanks guys!

    Also has anyone beaten *cough* the 3rd guy *cough* yet? He sure takes a lot of punches! I wanna see the 4th one already! haha

  • Minecraftfan300 Reply

    WHY. WHY [AS] 1ST? I can’t go there! Listen, I am a 9 yr old who loves your games, and you put Burrito Bison Revenge on ADULT SWIM FIRST?
    Man,why would you EVER do that? Go put it on Kongregate or Notdoppler now! I am SICK of waiting, 24/7. Yeah, been waitin’ that long. Please JB, please put it on Kongregate!

    • Minecraftfan300 Reply

      Sorry for being impatient,I just WANTED that game to come!

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