Burrito Bison Revenge (Teaser)

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OMG! What the..? WHAT? Since when did you guys…? EH…! OMG!

But seriously, yeah. We’ve been working on Burrito Bison Revenge for a couple months now (since we were done working on Bloom Defender) but we chose to NOT announce it until we’re ready to find a sponsor. But why, may you ask? Well, remember what happened with Bloom Defender? This time, we wanted to see how it would go if we would announce the game and start showing some sneak peek AFTER we’re done working on it.

Sometimes, finding a sponsor can take a lot of time and we noticed that you guys don’t really like it when it takes forever for us to actually release our games.

You may also ask yourself why this is not Burrito Bison for iPhone, and the reason is pretty simple. While we were working on Burrito Bison Revenge, we revisited the structure of the game (how it plays, how long it lasts, etc.) and now think that releasing Burrito Bison Revenge on the iPhone would be a much more wiser move (mostly because we think it would bring us more money compared to the amount of time we would put on porting it. Yeah, we need money to live and eat too!).

So as you may have understand by now, this is a Flash game (FREE FTW!) and we are officially looking for a sponsor. That means that you shouldn’t have to wait 4 months before playing it (fingers crossed).

Stay tuned for more info and sneak peeks ;)

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Woah, 23 comments!

  • Alex Reply

    Iphone iphone iphone iphone iphone

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  • APDarr Reply

    When Can we expect it to be available for iPhone ?

  • Or Reply

    Release it for iPhone already!!!!!!
    Great game!

  • luka Reply

    ive played this awerde and i deafeted the game an i dident have to unlock everky thing

    • Yowan Reply

      Now you can try to beat some highscores in the Survival mode ;)

  • alex Reply

    i can’t wait i loved the first one!

  • julian Reply

    its very funny and I love burrito`s ♥♥♥

  • oyun Reply

    Amazing game teaser =) i will wait

  • Lazut4ik Reply

    come on guys, it is a torment

  • splog Reply


  • josefrito Reply


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  • Frondome Reply

    My goodness, I’m the 8th comment! I love all your games due to the art but this one looks cooler than the rest!

  • FlyingBison Reply

    I am pleased with this surprise :3

    • Sparkyboy6 Reply

      So am I!

  • Brick Reply

    Very epic music, makes me want to roar.

  • Andy Reply

    I am disappointed by the trailer,
    I was expecting Burrito to come rampaging, flying his way around only to crush that airplane =(

    • Yowan Reply

      That’s because it’s not a trailer. It’s a teaser :] It’s only supposed to “tease” you by not revealing anything of the game. Don’t worry though, we’ll upload some sneak peeks soon ;)

      • Sparkyboy6 Reply


  • starblinky Reply

    :O !!!!! MY GOD. I cant wait!

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